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Carrier Contractor - Description

We require carrier-contractors for specific routes to deliver daily newspapers and other products on a daily basis to homes, apartments and businesses.

  • These are permanent part-time contracts requiring you to provide service seven days per week for 2.5 to 3 hours per day.  Start times are between 2 am and 3 am each day.
  • Carrier contractors pickup their newspapers from a central site located in the region
  • An average route is 150-200 papers per day
  • Carrier contractors are paid by the paper or product.  An average route earns approx $800/month. 
  • Carrier contractors are required to sign a contract for a specific route or area.  They are considered to be self-employed and all government tax requirements are the responsibility of the carrier contractor.
  • Carrier contractors are required to cover their own costs, including vehicle, gas, plastic bags, elastic bands, collection envelopes, etc.
  • A reliable vehicle is essential.  Access to a 2nd vehicle, and possible assistance is an asset.
  • There is a thirty (30) day notice period required for termination of your contract.
  • Quality standards are high.  Carrier contractors are expected to deliver products by the delivery deadline without mistakes on a daily basis.  There are certain costs involved if delivery standards are not met.

These contracts are an excellent second income.  Most of our carrier contractors work a full time job or another part-time position in addition to delivering newspapers.

Contracts become available on a regular basis.  Apply online and if you meet our criteria, we will contact you within 48 hours.  Getting a route contract is sometimes just a matter of time.  We keep an active list of prospects.




Metris Distribution Services Ltd. provides home delivery of the The Vancouver Sun, The Province and The National Post for downtown Vancouver and the surrounding area.



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